No Fear Approach: Decorating With Color

Home Decor Color Rainbow of Chairs


A simple decision at face value- choose a paint color or color scheme for your home – can turn even the strongest amongst us into quivering wimps. The fear of picking the wrong color has many homeowners paralyzed and unable to make a decision. You can always hire a decorator or Color Design Expert to help you solve your color selection problem. However, if your would rather do it on your own you can use a simple technique that I recommend to my clients and decorating workshop students.

1. Make a trip to your local home improvement center and head straight for the paint department. Pick whatever color you take a fancy to. Don’t worry about where you will be using the color for now. Just have fun with your choices this will help you reduce the intimidation of choosing a color. This is the first step in overcoming your fear.
2. Grab you favorite fashion magazines and cut out images with colors you find attractive. After all if you are attracted to a color in make-up or fashion, odds are you will like that color in your home.
3. Find an inspiration piece in your home that you absolutely love. Use the colors from that piece to guide you in you color choices.
4. Buy pint or smaller sizes of paint colors you have decided on and apply them to a small section of wall or poster board (tape it to the wall). Watch how the color changes through out the day as it responds to daylight and artificial light. IF you definitely love the color -then get the color and start painting. If not just repeat this exercise.

Keep in mind that choosing a paint color or color scheme for your home is not a life or death choice. Approach the decision with a sense of humor and adventure knowing that no matter if you choose right or wrong at least you made a decision. If you chose the color you love, Congratulations. If you chose a color you decided you didn’t like, Congratulations too! You are just one step closer to finding the color that defines your personality and one step further away from your fear of decorating with color.

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