Paris Apartment Style: 3 Chic Decoration Inspiration Boards & 5 French Home Styling Tips

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Is your design dream to own a Parisian apartment decorated in that “je ne sais quoi” effortlessly chic and infinitely elegant French style? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of decorating divas the world over swoon over the dreamy possibility of owning a glamorous Parisian home with views of the Eiffel Tower and the famous tree-lined boulevards that lend their verdant charm to the City of Lights.

But if  buying a Parisian apartment isn’t in the cards for this year, you can still experience the splendid style of Parisian decoration by updating your current home’s interior- either as a whole house project or a smaller project you can decorate room-by-room as budget and time allow.  And that’s what I’m doing. I’m in the planning phase of redecorating a space in my home and have created three interior visualization boards to capture the styles I favor. My take on those French inspired styles are Mid-Century Magnifique, Charmingly Coquette and Artfully Deco – all featuring exquisite furnishings from French Heritage ( Join me on a fabulous tour through their High Point furniture showroom, here.)  Then once you’ve found which board best suits your signature style, scroll on down for a round-up of 5 decor secrets for styling your home with the posh panache the French are known for.

A quick disclosure here before we begin. French Heritage is a Decorating Diva content sponsor – allowing me, through their generosity and financial support, to bring educational and inspiring decorating and design materials to our readers at no cost to you.

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Mid Century Modern Parisian home style. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

 Furniture & Decor Resources: Jonathan Adler “Meurice” Chandelier 654 – Robert Abbey,  “Ancient Cosmos” artwork by Gloria Graham Sollecito, “Sebastian” Sofa – French Heritage, “Iven” Chest – French Heritage, “Bruno” Chair- French Heritage, “Avignon” by Voyager in Amber Canyon – Carpet One Floor & Home , Leopard print “Voltaire” Chair – French Heritage, and “Poiroux” Round Side Table- French Heritage.

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Romantic Flair Parisian Style Decorating at Home. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Furniture & Decor Resources: “Savoy” Vitrine – French Heritage, Empire Form Italian Chandelier with Amethyst Colored Accent Crystals – The High Boy, “Prunus” Handmade and Hand-painted Wall Covering – Fromental, “Seated Woman” by Carl Erickson for Conde Nast – Soicher Marin,  “Geneva” Set Of Two Nesting Table – French Heritage, “Vincent” Occasional Bergere Chair in a Sophisticated Shade of Pink – French Heritage,  “Rochelle” Butterfly Console – French Heritage, “Eloise” Arm Chair – French Heritage, and Vintage Reclaimed Wood Parquet Flooring.

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Modern Deco Parisian apartment chic at home. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Furniture & Decor Resources:  Garland 2 Light Distressed Twilight Sconce – Crystorama, “Trocadero” Love Seat – French Heritage, Small Figure Series #6″ – Kerry Steele,  Nola Campbell’s “Koyukoyu” Ink on Paper Painting – 1st Dibs, “Avrille” Sideboard – French Heritage,  “Babette” Arm Chair – French Heritage, “Emilie” Square End Table, “Mirage” Rug in Black – Safavieh, and “Sorrell” Caned Side Chair – French Heritage.

[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ accent=”true”]Parisian Apartment Interior Styling Secrets[/x_custom_headline]

1. Mix it Up: Eschew matchy-match and cookie-cutter boring furniture suites, and follow professional designers’ lead and blend decor and furniture from different periods and styles.  Doing so will create an interior that looks collected over time and exudes a classic timeless allure that will better withstand the test of time and fickle home fashion fads.  To avoid a disjointed look when combining modern, contemporary and classic styles, use color to tie all the disparate pieces into a chic interior style collaboration – as illustrated in the photo below.

French style bedroom design. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

French Heritage furniture and decor: “Maraise” Arm Chair, “Gervais” Mirror, “Passy” Bombe Chest and Eastern Wing Bed, and “Siezeime” Chest.

2. Sumptuous Sophistication: Don’t be afraid to to add gilded glamour or opulent decor to the space, but do be mindful of editing the interior to maintain balance – as there is a fine line between sophisticated splendor and over-the-top brash decorating. Done right it will look like the room featured in the photo below.

Gilded glamour in Parisian interior design. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

French Heritage furniture and decor: Louis XV Mirror and Auteuil Chaise.

3.White and Airy: Opt for a creamy, warm white or neutral tone on the walls and flood the space with gorgeous natural light.

4.  Gallery and Glitz: Art completes the home, so indulge in an artful gallery wall or place eye-catching sculptures throughout the space. Introduce shimmering elegance with crystal draped chandeliers or jewel-tone upholstered furniture, drapes or rugs.

5.  Get Focused:  Create maximum impact with an architectural or design focal point that captivates the attention and interest of visitors to your home. In this example, the French heritage wall unit library serves as the perfect room focal point and offers tons of storage and display space.

Tres Chic light & airy library in Parisian Apartment Style. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

French Heritage furniture and decor: “Bercy” Classic Wall Library Unit, “Colette” Coffee Table, “Sebastian” Sofa, “Colette” End Table, and “Barnard” Chair.

Disclosure:  All opinions expressed in this post are all my own.  This is a sponsored post/branded content for French Heritage. We appreciate the generous sponsorship of design brands that support the Decorating Diva blog and make it possible for me to bring you, our wonderful readers,  excellent design and lifestyle articles throughout the year.

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