Paris Under the Frankfurt Stars

P1160881Magical Paris Under the Stars

Messe Frankfurt brought Paris to Frankfurt in a big way. The opening festivities to kick-off its popular lifestyle and home design fair, Ambiente 2013 and to celebrate its country design partnership with France was replete with iconic images of France including the Eiffel Tower, Mont Martre art scenes (pantomined, of course!), and the Moulin Rouge. The menu included typical French culinary fare such as baguettes,quiche and colorful macaroons.

P1160906 Can-Can Dancers Entertain the Crowd at the Moulin Rouge.

P1160879 Scenes of Romantic Parisian Life Played Out Throughout the Festival Hall.

P1160891 Artfully Recreating A Typical Monte Martre Scene: Parisian Artist Painting a Portrait.

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