Pretty in Pink: Garden Romance Table Setting

Carmen NatschkeEntertaining

Let's have a Garden Dinner Party |

Let's have a Garden Dinner Party | Ethan Allen Tablescape Design (DIFFA Dining by Design 2012).

Table Setting Design Ingredients for whimsically pink and casual garden themed dinner party:

  • Furniture: White dining table. Deep pink ornately carved dining chairs with subtle pink dot-patterned upholstery. A surprising touch of elegance and luxury is introduced into the casual garden dining experience with the unexpected inclusion of the crystal chandelier.
  • Dinnerware: Playful stack of white, green and orange-pink dinner plates. Everyday stemware, and Bamboo green chopsticks in lieu of formal flatware. Striped linen napkins boldly colored in a rainbow of spring garden colors. Simple clear glass vase bursting with rich pink carnations sets the tables focal point.
  • Color Palette: Whites, pinks, greens, and yellow influenced orange.
  • Patterns: Stripes and intriguing curlicue curves.
  • Finishes: Equal touches of sheen and matte finishes – all balanced, none competing with the other.