Red Agatha Pendent by LZF

Carmen NatschkeSpotlight: Decor & Furniture



This timeless classic has been a long time favorite. When asked to describe this illuminating beauty I offered the following statement:

Striking in color and graceful in structure, the red Agatha suspension light fixture immediately captured my attention. The sculptural yet airy design reminds me of the elegant, flouncy skirt of a Jason Wu dress I had seen several seasons ago. The beautiful Agatha light is an elegant statement piece that captivates the eye with the visual movement created by intertwined ribbons of crimson tinted curved wood veneers. The subtle hints of wood graining provide for an interesting texture and depth, which highlights the intricate ribboning effect.

The Agatha is the perfect light fixture in the homes of women like me – those who share a passion for haute couture, modern art, timeless classic design, feminine sophistication and a well-edited touch of luxurious glamour. – (source: Global Lighting Blog)

I still feel the same way today as I did then.