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Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic White Bedding Collection

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic White Bedding CollectionRachel Ashwell made Shabby Chic famous and in the years after she introduced the world to flea market finery there has been barely a slow down. Design styles do fade and go away with time – remember the French Country craze from three years ago. Toile was every where and frankly it started to feel overdone.Maura Daniel Chandelier Inexplicably, shabby chic or flea market design hasn’t waned. Perhaps it’s the romantic, feminine appeal combined with the soul comforting visual softness of the shabby chic style.

The distressed furniture, the crumpled rose-colored floral duvet, the crisp white sofa slip cover and the aged crystal chandelier seems to beckon me into it’s warm, familiar embrace. Shabby Chic is informal elegance wrapped in comfort. Perhaps that’s the secret to its longevity. Some of my favorite shabby chic finds include the House Inc. Lifestyle CollectionHouse Inc. Grand Fleur Rose Bedding Collection from Not Too Shabby pictured on the left. Also from Not Too Shabby, the beautiful and very feminine Elizabeth Chandelier ($598) by Maura Daniel .

Featured above is the Shabby White Collection from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic designs available at Lavender Fields Home Boutique. Where most white linens look institutional these are far from that the ruffled edges on the bedding gently remind you of its uniquely feminine charm. The bedding looks comfortable and inviting – the perfect place to spend a Saturday morning curled up with your favorite book and a cup of that calming cinnamon and apple herbal tea that brings a smile to your heart.

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    I love your blog. It seems to touch all the nesting interests I have. Today’s style incorporates the modern with the classic antique. I had gotten to the point where I had so many antique items in my home that people thought that a little old lady lived there. I’ve started to weed out the lesser antiques and the stogey traditional stuff and combine the fancier French stuff with the slick modern designer objects. I’m excited about going to shop in Europe this winter. I found a group trip for budgeted people like me. Take a look at thier website if you can. It’s Can you give me any tips on the Paris flea market? Are there any articles about the shopping in Europe in past blogs? Have fun with your decorating. FELICIA

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