Should I Buy Expensive Sheets and Bedding?

Dear The Decorating Diva,

Are high thread count fine linens worth the expenditure? I’m confused as to whether or not a hefty price tag means quality or not. Can I get quality linens without spending thousands? I’m looking at a budget of $300 to $500 to dress my queen size bed.

Thanks, Caitlin


To answer your first question, yes, high thread count linens and/or bedding collections are definitely worth the expenditure.

However, buying high quality sheets and other bedding doesn’t require draining your bank account. There are dozens of wonderful linen manufacturers that produce affordable bedding collections with respectable thread counts (ranges: 200, 300,and 400).

In regards to your second question: Yes, I think that you can definitely dress your bed for the budget you have listed. You can even score very expensive linens(think 500 thread count and up) for that budget if you shop the seasonal sales. My recommendation is to stick to classic styles and neutral colors (white being the best choice) that will not go out of style as decor trends shift.

Carmen Natschke
Editor, The Decorating Diva LLC

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