7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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Large,airy, open kitchen design | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Large,airy, open kitchen design | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Is your kitchen small? Does it feel closed, dark and cramped? If so then you’ll love these kitchen design and remodeling ideas that will help move your kitchen out of the suffocating darkness and into the spacious light.

  1. Add light to the kitchen. The right mix of natural and artificial light will immediately brighten up the space and make it look larger. A bay window or skylight will add architectural interest and allow a bright flow of natural light. Choosing the best ambient and task kitchen lighting and fixtures will illuminate the kitchen after dark giving the space the same airy, bright feeling it has during the day.
  2. Use light colored cabinets to give the illusion of an expanded kitchen space.
  3. Avoid standard size cabinets with a smaller cabinet mounted on top for more space it looks choppy. Use continuous high wall cabinets to give the kitchen an illusion of height and more space. Changing cabinets is not always feasible, so another idea is to use a backsplash in a  light color (matching cabinets) to give the illusion of a continuous space. It’s just like fashion – if you’re petite wearing a belt visually cuts you in half and makes you look shorter. Getting rid of the belt immediately elongates your silhouette – same principle for cabinets and walls. Any horizontal break will make it look small whereas a smooth non-interrupted surface looks taller.
  4. Hide the clutter and appliances in drawers, cabinets or an appliance garage – anywhere but the counters. Clutter creates the illusion of less space and it’s also cumbersome when you need the space to prepare meals. So put it all away. Your kitchen space will immediately look larger.
  5. Add glass faced kitchen cabinet doors and back-lit cabinets. Doing so will create a more spacious feel.
  6. Under and over cabinet lighting brings dark areas into the light. The dark recessed areas make the kitchen space feel as if it is shrinking. Adding the appropriate lighting (no fluorescent lights – they are awful all around ) will create the illusion of openness and contribute to the visual enlarging of the kitchen area.
  7. Open faced cabinets and display areas create a sense of openness. Adding a few decorative pieces will add personality to the room but avoid creating clutter as that will only visually shrink the room.

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