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2010 Interior Design Trends

The Decorating Diva LLC Compilation: Top 10 Design Trends 2010  {Nov 30 – Dec 9 2009 }


Though constrained by current economic influences homeowners look to unique, luxury architecture, furnishings and decor for inspiration. Bringing home little forms of extravagant home products like luxury tile mosaics from industry leaders such as Trend Group or Bisazza.  This phenomenon is nothing new: Women have long been inspired by the luxe looks of the runways, being unable to afford a Chanel jacket or purse, but very much being able to carry the Chanel luxury brand in the form of polish, eye shadow or an alluring red lipstick, proving that a little luxe goes a long way.


Bisazza White Gold Mosaic “Still Morris” Folding Screen (Marco Braga).


Trend Group USA Wallpaper glass mosaic tiles from the “Virgin 1” collection  (an idea for an accent wall)

A full mosaic installation utilizing high-end, luxury tiles may be beyond some budgets today, but a smaller mosaic tile installation using those same tiles can be, realistically, within budget. Illustrated above are two examples of mosaic tile installations that add a sense of luxury and richness to a home’s interior. {Excerpted from Nov 30th 2009 “Eco-Redefined Trend”}


Last year’s glamorous trend of Hollywood Regency design takes a turn to modern sophistication with touches of white, silver and color married with black.  Streamlined glamour is brought in with the use of rich, opulent details such as glass mosaic tiles, crystal chandeliers, upholstered headboards, and memorable one-of-a-kind decorative accessories.  Our favorite implementation of “Sophisticated Glamour” is Matthew Quinn’s Intarcia bath collection at the MTI Whirlpools’ exhibit booth at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2009 (shown below).

How Sophisticated Glamour Applies to Home

Implementing this trend at home requires moderation and a sense of balance. Using too much black can be overpowering and visually harsh. Take your cues from Matthew’s use of black, blue, and silver as well as his exquisite (and balanced) mix of feminine and masculine design elements used to create the sophisticated, and elegant bathroom vignette below. {Excerpted from December 1st, 2009 “Sophisticated Glamour Design Trend”}



In past years home office design wasn’t given much thought and the resulting office furniture and accessories mirrored that fact.  The home office as an after-thought has seen its last days. More and more people are working from home and they are creating functional, ergonomic, chic, stylish, unique and inspiring offices at home that are a far cry from the office of yesteryear, and even a further departure from the office they left behind in the world of cubicles.

Bisazza mosaic desk “Correspondances” designed by Andree Putman

Bisazza Home lacquered wooden writing desk with inlaid black and white mosaic tiles “Correspondances” designed by Andree Putman and a favorite of Rosella Bisazza for it’s chic and elegant styling. {Excerpted from December 2nd, 2009 “Home Office Design Trend”}


Outdoor living design expert Marcia Blake commented that the prevailing trend for outdoor living:

… for the past few years has been and continues to be a move from the inside out. People are integrating outdoor living into their daily lives and are creating finished outdoor living rooms. This time spent outdoors has contributed to the increase in outdoor grilling and cooking, thus the creation of an outdoor kitchen with all of the bells and whistles found in interior gourmet kitchens are now present outside. Pizza ovens, ice makers, grilling stations, Viking appliances and wine refrigerators are part of this new trend. (Interview with Marcia Blake of Outdoor Interiors Inc and designer of Outdoor Couture by Marcia Blake)

We see that trend continuing strongly into 2010 and beyond. The popularity of  “Staycations”, which were initially driven by economic forces, has led to the desire to expand the interior home sanctuary beyond the backdoor and homeowners are now designing and creating lush, relaxing, resort-like exteriors furnished with high-end outdoor all weather furniture, high performance outdoor flat screen televisions, fashionable accessories and rugs, pro-level outdoor kitchens, and outdoor lighting- all of which rivals indoor furnishings for beauty and functionality. {Excerpted from December 3rd, 2009 “Outdoor Living Design Trend”}

Outdoor living room by Home Infatuation

Outdoor Living Room by Home Infatuation


Universal Design is not a new concept, as it’s been around for some time. However, in the last few years the demand for products and design services, such as Aging-in-Place design that incorporates the principles of Universal Design,  have seen a boom.  The reason is simple: As the Baby Boomer generation retires in record numbers, more and more are seeking bathroom and kitchen designs and redesigns that contain fixtures and appliances that will make their lives easier as they enter their golden years. This demand is leading to the development of bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances with modern styling that are easy to use no matter what the physical limitation – and this ease of use is leading to wide acceptance throughout the general population.  {Excerpted from December 4th, 2009 “Universal Design Trend”}

Brizo Pascal faucet with Smart Technology

Delta Faucets’ Pilar Touch20 is an easy to operate touch faucet that does away with the often hard to operate turn knobs- making this an ideal faucet for everyone from the passionate foodie to the grandmother with debilitating arthritis.


Tremendous design influences from India, Morocco, Central Asia, China and Russia with a design twist such as pop-color infused antique rugs like the one shown below from ABC Home’s Color Reform Collection or traditional symbols like Buddha infused with modernity through the use of Andy Warhol inspired pop colors.{Excerpted from December 5th, 2009 “Colorful Past Design Trend”}

Color Reform turkish rug

ABC Home & Carpet Color Reform Collection Turkish rug.


Our daily lives are greatly influenced by technology. We check our Facebook updates on our mobile phones. We send email messages across the globe in milliseconds. News breaks and we’re immediately notified, once again on our wireless phones, Pocket PCs or Netbooks. We are connected and moving at the speed of technology. So now are our homes. We can create our perfect home by jumping online, a few mouse clicks buys decor, furniture and whatever else our hearts desire.

Technology is now allowing us to create the decor and furnishings we desire – not just buy it, but design it.  We are now the design artist.  Case in point, "Digital Leather" utilizing a new patented digital print media called SmartFilm developed by SIF Technologies, which makes it possible for you to design (From color to pattern to texture) the leather which can be used to upholster any number of products from chairs to sofas to headboards to walls and doors. {Excerpted from December 6th, 2009 “Tech Decor Design Trend”}

printed digital leather sofa

Sofa custom upholstered with Digital Leather decorated leather.


Refined, elegant touches of crystal, glass, mirror and metallic details add interest to decorative accessories and furniture. {Excerpted from December 7th, 2009 “Glimmer and Shimmer Design Trend”}

Swarovski pillow from Shine Home

Shine Home Infinity Pillow with Swarovski Crystals/White Opal on White Linen


This isn’t the Asian influenced decor so familiar through the 80s and 90s. Today’s Eastern influences have been updated for the new century. Capturing the very essence of far eastern style interpreted in a soothing, modern-influenced fashion while leaving behind the heavy, kitschy feel that would transport you back to the decor of the 90s. {Excerpted from December 8th, 2009 “Zen-full Design Trend”}

black bamboo chair by currey and company Currey and Company East Lake Bamboo Chair in black.



Four patterns: stripes of all sizes and colors, houndstooth, Greek Key and “the bubble”, will dominate textiles, lighting, tabletop, furnishings and decorative accessories for 2010. {Excerpted from December 9th, 2009 “Passion for Fashion Patterns Design Trend”}


Houndstooth pocket pillow from Pillow Throw Decor.

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