Sweet Fall Trip: Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

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Savannah Candy Kitchen | TheDecoratingDiva.com

Savannah Candy Kitchen | TheDecoratingDiva.com Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is a favorite stop whenever I’m visiting Savannah, Georgia. Decorated in fun fall design elements including pumpkins, scarecrows and hay bales this extraordinary candy shop, located on River Street, delights visitors of all ages.

Candied Apples for Halloween | TheDecoratingDiva.comCandy and sweet Taffy abound at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, but it’s their famous custom designed candied apples that brings me back year after year.  It’s such a treat to watch their master candy makers take a plain Jane apple and transform it into a deliciously, ghoulish treat. Here’s a sneak peek behind the magical candy shop curtain.

Candied Apple | TheDecoratingDiva.comCaramel dipped apples prepped for their Halloween candy costume dress-up. Yummy, candy pieces lined up awaiting their moment of decoration.

Candied Apple with Chocolate | TheDecoratingDiva.com Candy maker swirling the caramel apple in a delightfully, tasty purple-tinted chocolate dipping mix.

Candied Apple with Gum Balls | TheDecoratingDiva.comThe ghoulish apple is almost done – gum strips and string become hair, candy eyes and Chiclets for monsterly teeth, the final touch – a big blue gumball for its nose.

Halloween Monsters Candie | TheDecoratingDiva.comTasty ‘scary’ candied apple treats all wrapped up and ready to be delivered to four little monsters in Florida.