Rends Design Works: 2013 TALENTS at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

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Rends Design Works Exhibit: Ambiente TALENTS 2013 at Interior Lifestye Tokyo | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Talents Interior Lifestyle Tokyo: Young designers from Rends Design Works illustrate the beauty of connecting Japan’s rich artisan traditions with modern design. My personal favorite was the use of the traditional Tatami Mat (used in flooring and slowly losing its position to more Western materials for floor surfacing) creatively re-imagined and re-purposed to create incredibly comfortable seating material in the … Read More

Olivia Putman Dazzles with Bath Design at Ambiente 2013

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studio putman messe frankfurt ambiente 1

Great design, much like great art, has the ability to touch us in a spiritual manner – to lift our mind, body and soul out of our everyday existence and onto a plane in which we shed our human short-comings, frailties and stresses, and become ethereal creatures filled with joy, peace and love. Great design is transformative, and it can be found in the … Read More

Daisuke Kitagawa Design: 2013 TALENTS at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

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Reflective Pond Candle Holder and Modern Nesting Doll Bowls by Daisuke Kitagawa Design at  TALENTS 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

TALENTS 2013 at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo boasted several talented young designers. Although all of the talents were magnificent and I very much liked all of the exhibits, my favorite was Daisuke Kitawaga Designs. The polished metal reflective “Pond” votive holders and the modern interpretation of the nested “ Doll” (functional as tableware, too) possessed all the elements I seek and … Read More

Japanese Textile Designer Dan Namura at 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

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There are moments in life in which one has an epiphany, a moment of total clarity, a deep understanding of a connection without any previous encounter to explain that connection, the feeling of knowing you’ve found your soul mate when you’ve only met for the first time – those instinctual feelings of just knowing that you found what you’ve been … Read More

Studio Surume: 2013 TALENTS at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

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Studio Surume Vase Banks, Paper Lights and Perch Clock at TALENTS 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo  | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Talents Interior Lifestyle Tokyo: Studio Surume’s Vase Banks, Paper Lights and Perch Clock illustrated the whimsical perspective of design by taking common objects and giving them an unexpected twist. Surume’s Flower Vase Banks were a crowd favorite. Design Resources: Studio Surume,  Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, Messe Frankfurt, Ambiente 2014

Zinco Arte: NEXT Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013

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Zinco Arte Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013 600

Found this clever wine serving accessory in the booth next to the booth of my favorite Interior Lifestyle Tokyo lighting find, Washi Paper Light Pendants by Sachie Muramatsu.  How can you not just love this idea – mixing table sculpture with incredible everyday utility? Organic, yet modern, structured, configurable metal (it’s a zinc alloy with various finish options)  tree branches … Read More

Drinkware Inspired by Fruit: Kohsuke Toda’s Apple Cup

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Tokyo Lifestyle Interiors: kohsuke Toda

Inspiration: Poetically peeled apple. Design: Organically shaped tea cup sporting curves akin to it’s natural inspiration, the peeled apple. I had the pleasure of meeting Kohsuke Toda at the renowned design fair Interior Lifestyle Tokyo. He is a young designer you should keep on your watch list. His creations skillfully balance the artistic with the mechanical and functional – never … Read More

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013: Japan Style Pavilion at Big Sight

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Japan Style Exhibition Space 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

Front and direct view of Interior Lifestyle Tokyo’s Japan Style Exhibition Two of my favorite design characteristics, simplicity and elegance, were on display at the Yukio Hashimoto designed Japan Style exhibition at the 2013 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo design fair.  Mr. Hashimoto’s cleverly designed exhibition pavilion housing some of Japan’s best high-end products for the home captures what I feel is … Read More

An Italian Romance: Linens & Tabletop Weaved with Love

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vintage chic italian hand crafted linens | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Romantic, shabby chic style vintage Italian linens for the bed, table and windows. Lace details on decorative linen pillow with button embellishments. Fine linen and cotton bedding inspired by your grandmother’s bedding. Table linens and dinnerware that evokes the very notion of feminine, romantic style.

Retreat to An Illuminated Garden of Serenity

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Soothing water feature garden retreat | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Romantic, warm, and inviting candle-lit rock and water garden nestled along the wooden pathway with dried-bamboo stalks create an organic and natural divide between the exterior and the interior of the garden. White Orchids arranged in polished silver vases lend an ambience of exotic beauty and tranquility to the outdoor space..Floating round glass and hammered metal candle holders gently rest … Read More

Exotic Jewel-toned Garden Statues & Wall Décor

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Buddha Statue Blue Lotus Wall Art | The Decorating Diva, LLC

It was impossible to pass by the Shermans’ booth at the 2013 Ambiente show without stopping to explore the divine and exotic décor treasures within its well-curated exhibit. Treasures from far-away lands steeped in an intoxicating mix of tradition and mysticism set next to modern wall art for a well-balanced tension between the old and the new – a visual … Read More