Creative Cafe // Photographer Paul Anater

Carmen NatschkeArtful Consideration

"Guggenheimish" Towering parking garage floating above the city of Lancaster evoking architectural memories of the famed Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. According to Paul, " reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright's Gugg ever since I was in high school."

I’m inspired by struggle and beauty and the more I think about those two seemingly disparate threads, the more I’m convinced that they’re actually the same thing. I see photography as the best means of self-expression I’ve yet found. Photography, better than any other medium I use, allows me to interpret how I see the world and then share that interpretation … Read More

A Gift of Light: Sunset Over the Miami Beach Art Deco District

Carmen NatschkeArchitectural Angles, Glamorous Gallavanting

Starlite hotel Art Deco district Miami Beach. | Carmen Maria Natschke CMNmedia/The Decorating Diva. LLC

An early evening stroll amongst the iconic architectural structures that comprise the famed Art Deco district of Miami Beach yields exquisite vintage postcard scenes of hotels and restaurants set against a watercolor-inspired sky awash in the soft, golden tones of the setting sun and accented with subtle hints of blues and greens. Cross-posted from Carmen Maria Natschke|CMNmedia.

Creative Cafe // Architecture Photographer Paul Clemence

Carmen NatschkeArtful Consideration

Pool at Castadiva Resort Lake Como Italy photography Paul Clemence 800

I’m inspired by light and space, both are intrinsic to the others appreciation. Whether you are capturing a texture, a pattern, an interior or a detail, it’s all about the inter-play of both light and space. Light informs space, space embraces light. Design and Architecture photography attracts me because they offer infinite possibilities of exploration of space. Which is also true of Nature, … Read More

Creative Cafe // Design & Architecture Photographer Ken Hayden

Carmen NatschkeArtful Consideration


I’m inspired by shadows and light, nature, abstract form and the work of my two idols, Julius Shulman and Horst P. Horst. Design and Architecture photography attracts me because I’ve always loved architecture but after spending a decade in a relationship with a successful London designer, I became obsessed with interior design as well.  When I decided to pursue photography to … Read More