Maarten Baas

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maarten baas at design miami 2009

German-born, Dutch bred design prodigy, Maarten Baas, has captured the attention of the design world with his boundary-less approach to design – refusing to accept a clear and distinct demarcation between what is art and what is design. The multi-award winning Baas,the most recent design honor bestowed upon him was “Designer of the Year at Design Miami 2009”,  believes that … Read More

Resplendent Neutral Color Scheme Inspired by Rubens Marchesa Brigida Spinola

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Splendid Neutral Color Scheme Inspired by Rubens |

A neutral, yet elegant color palette inspired by Sir Peter Paul Rubens’ portraiture Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria, radiates royal splendor with cool grays, warm grays, and earth tones accented with rich red, copper and metallic gold. (Pantone color guide inspired by Ruben’s artwork: Pantone Warm Gray 1 C, Pantone Cool Gray 1 C, Pantone Cool Gray 6 C, Pantone Metallic … Read More

Inspired by the Romantic Color Tones of Verspronck’s Andries Stilte as a Standard Bearer

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Romantic Color Scheme Dutch Masters |

Johannes Cornelisz Verspronk’s Andries Stilte as a Standard Bearer inspired this romantic decorative color scheme that is an artful blend of warm earth tones, pinks and blues. (Pantone color guide inspired by Verspronck’s artwork: Pantone 698 C, Pantone 7605 C, Pantone 453 C, Pantone 5773 C, Pantone 7561 C, Pantone 551 C, Pantone 7546 C and Pantone 6 C.) Artwork … Read More

Modern in Murano: The Sisters Sent’s Wearable Glass Jewelry

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When Venice was an island of wooden structures in the thirteenth century, glassmakers were confined to the neighboring island of Murano. Because of the threat of fire, it was too dangerous to allow them to remain in Venice. The foundries moved in 1291, all the better to isolate the craft and the artisans that revolutionized the alchemy of silica and … Read More

Pop Color Scheme Inspired by Warhol’s Green Marilyn

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A near-neon pop color palette of violet-blue, blue-greens, yellow, magenta, red, and black purple inspired by Warhol’s Green Marilyn.  (Pantone color guide inspired by Warhol’s artwork: Pantone 605 C, Pantone 3232 C, Pantone 7465 C, Pantone7682 C, Pantone 0521 C, Pantone 199 C and Pantone 276 C.) Artwork Details: Green Marilyn (1962) by Andy Warhol silkscreened on synthetic polymer paint … Read More

Da Urbino’s Adoration of the Magi Inspired Color Scheme

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This vibrant color palette of blues, greens, yellow and orange is inspired by Nicola Da Urbino’s “Panel with the Adoration of the Magi”  (Pantone color guide inspired by Da Urbino’s artwork: Pantone 106 C, Pantone 144 C, Pantone 7526 C, Pantone 7737 C, Pantone 7734 C, Pantone 645 C and Pantone 287 C.) Artwork Details: Panel with the Adoration of … Read More