Color Palette Inspired by Renoir’s Mademoiselle Sicot Painting

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Decorating Color Scheme based on Renoir

This decorative room color scheme is inspired by Auguste Renoir’s famed portraiture of Mademoiselle Sicot which offers a rich and feminine color palette of soft purple, verdant green, and warm gray, accented with touches of black, gold and wine. (Pantone color guide inspired by Renoir’s artwork: Pantone 7445 C, Pantone Warm Gray 8 C, Pantone 112 C, Pantone 554 C, … Read More

Visual Movement in Limoges Piece Inspires Rug Pick

Carmen NatschkeArtful Consideration

Limoges Bowl Inspired Modern Decor Rug Pick |

Artwork Details: Round Dish with the Wedding Feast of Cupid and Psyche (1562) by Leonard Limosin, Limoges, France. Enamel painted in grisaille on copper. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Home Décor Details: Aadi Black & Gold Curve Rug at Chandra Rugs.

Having Fun: Indulge Your Creativity

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What Inspires Me: “We have a lot of fun in our studio coming up with a variety of finishes and patinas for mirrors.  One company that inspires us is Modello Designs – they create amazing patterns and typography that lets us run rampant with our creativity for our clients and their one-of-a-kind mirrors.  From a clean, contemporary graphic to an … Read More

Home Decoration: Inspired by Travel, Books, and Art

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What Inspires Me: “Inspiration for interiors can come from a variety of sources but travel, books and art are are always high on my list. Photographer Candida Hofer captures all in her amazing work. Her visual studies are not only stunning but reminders of spaces accessible to us all as places of beauty and learning. I love how designer Timothy … Read More