Meaningful Inspiration: A Room with History

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What Inspires Me: “My inspiration piece from home is this portrait of my grandmother, an amazing woman I was lucky enough to have in my life. Every day from this portrait she encourages me to work my best and live life. Personal items with meaning can inspire us all. Every room should have something with meaning, a part of your … Read More

Alejandro Vigilante: Artistic Intersection of Pop Culture & Internet Communication

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“Art is communication,  Internet is communication” – Alejandro Vigilante, Founder, i-Art Movement Alejandro Vigilante, the Argentine-born, banker turned jet-setting artist, is the driving force behind an exciting and vibrant art movement called “i-Art” that melds iconic pop culture with the fast and ever-changing world of Internet communications. Alejandro at work in his studio. Renowned design author, Saxon Henry describes his … Read More

Julie Richey: The Places We Love

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Julie Richey’s “La Corrente” (The Current) ( 2010). Size: 29 x 22 x 22 in.  Italian and Mexican smalti, marble, 24K gold smalti, seashells, chalcedony. It is easy to get swept away to the sea by Julie Richey’s “La Corrente”.  Since the sculpture won the prize for Best 3 Dimensional at the 2010 Mosaic Arts International, “La Corrente” has been … Read More

Lynne Chinn: Life As We Could Know It

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Lynne Chinn’s “Winged Geode” (2007). Size: 9 x 29.5 x 13 in.  Smalti, 24K gold smalti. Lynne Chinn’s mosaic sculptures immediately bring to mind the possibility of new life forms.  The Texas-based artist is a master at making the hard materials of mosaic look soft, yielding and animate. In her breakout work, “Winged Geode”, Chinn uses the metaphors of feathers … Read More

Contemporary Mosaics In The Home

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I live for contemporary mosaics.  As the editor of Mosaic Art NOW, I am constantly discovering artists who use the medium to express themselves in striking new ways. I also live with contemporary mosaics; they reside in my home right alongside the paintings, prints, textiles and sculptures my husband and I have collected over the years. Like any other art … Read More

Betsy Youngquist: A Sense of the Fantastic

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Betsy Youngquist’s “ Androcles and the Cat” ( 2010). Size: 12 x 22 x 8 in.  Glass beads and stones, antique porcelain doll parts, vintage prosthetic eyes, urethane foam, unsanded tile grout, sealer. Mixed media artist Betsy Youngquist is definitely in the business of creating new life forms.  She starts with carefully sculpted shapes (often made by collaborator R. Scott … Read More