Blue & Yellow Edged Sea Fan and Urchin Glass Art by Dale Chihuly

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Dale Chihuly St. Pete Collection Blue Sea Fan

  WHY I LOVE IT: Glass sculptor and artist Dale Chihuly’s talented manipulation of amorphous blobs of hot molten glass into captivating and evocative objets d’art is unparalleled. This ethereal blue sea fan and sea urchin contain within them the shimmery luminescence of the creatures that light the depths of the sea. WHERE I SAW IT: Chihuly Collection Museum in Saint … Read More

Ruth Parker: Bespoke Designer of the Divine

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British Artist Ruth Parker | The Decorating Diva, LLC

TALENT WATCH: Artists and Designers on our Radar Ruth Parker is a diverse contemporary designer working on the borders between craft, fine art and interior design. Specializing in creating bespoke pieces that combine quality craftsmanship with exciting and intricate ideas. Ruth’s work has been commissioned and exhibited in the United Kingdom and abroad – both in its own right and … Read More

Love Lost, Love Found: An Objet d’Art’s Powerful Sentimental Value

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my boat

What Inspires Me:  “In my home I have a boat. It was made by an artist named Cathy Rose. The boat signifies everything I can love in an object. It was crafted by hand. It contains the spirit of the human heart. My solace is water and the boat symbolizes adventure. In very tiny letters, embossed on the boat it … Read More

Alejandro Vigilante: Artistic Intersection of Pop Culture & Internet Communication

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“Art is communication,  Internet is communication” – Alejandro Vigilante, Founder, i-Art Movement Alejandro Vigilante, the Argentine-born, banker turned jet-setting artist, is the driving force behind an exciting and vibrant art movement called “i-Art” that melds iconic pop culture with the fast and ever-changing world of Internet communications. Alejandro at work in his studio. Renowned design author, Saxon Henry describes his … Read More

Deborah Osburn: Embracing the Art of Tile

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deborah osburn cle tile tilevera and tile envy blog

   Inspired by People: Each month we seek out inspirational figures in the world of design – those with an unwavering passion and quest for discovery, creation and exploration of beautiful decorative design. This month we bring you our interview with the fascinating founder and creative director of clé, Deborah Osburn. Deborah combines a fine arts education coupled with a … Read More

Karen Thompson: Flora and Fauna

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Butterfly Mosaic

Butterfly Be very careful if you decide to embark on a DIY project. It could change your life forever. In 1987, fashion designer Karen Thompson was restoring her home and taught herself the ancient craft of mosaics. It became her career, replacing fabric and buttons with ceramic and glass. Working with a vast range of materials Thompson has developed a … Read More

Visual Poet: An Intimate Glimpse into the Artistic Genius of Architect Alberto Alfonso

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Leonardo DaVinci, the great Renaissance inventor, artist and visionary once wrote ‘Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.’ Nearly 600 years from DaVinci’s birth, a modern interpretation of the Renaissance man, who encapsulates those same artistic values, emerges in the form of Cuban-born, Tampa-based architect and artist, Alberto Alfonso. Alberto, a renowned and award-winning … Read More

Ilana Shafir: Spontaneous Mosaics

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 Mosaic Garden and House. Born in the city of Sarajevo in 1924, now the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ilana Shafir knew from an early age she was an artist, though her parents were less than enthusiastic. As Shafir remembers, "In those days to be an artist was not a proper career choice for a woman." Her studies at the … Read More

Mark Bulwinkle: Tile Stripped Bare

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 The Vacationers. At first glance the artistic world of Mark Bulwinkle appears happy. Animals cavort, flowers bloom, a boy has hearts for eyes, the sun shines. The cartoon like images seem to be laughing at us, as if there is some private joke incised into each of them. Upon closer inspection, an energy emerges with manic overtones. We notice that … Read More

Jacqueline Moore: A Painter’s Tale in Tile

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Portuguese Tile An art history scholar and painter, in 2009 Jacqueline Moore found herself “anxious, afraid, stunted in creativity and at a crossroads.” The journey that began in England and had brought her to Southern California, led one afternoon to a garden in Montecito. She was strolling amidst lush plantings, breathing air fresh from a recent rain and captivated with … Read More

ALSIO Design, LLC: Spatial Patterns

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Visualization of Proposal for the MTA. Bobby Silverman thought he wanted to be a social geographer, the study of spatial patterns, investigating how and why we live and work where we do. On the way to getting his degree, he took a detour to Japan. There he witnessed the daily use of beautiful handcrafted objects, born of traditions that were … Read More

Art of Board: From Tailslide to Tile

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AOB backsplash-450

 Art of Board Kitchen Backsplash (detail) – tiles cut from old, discarded skateboards. Scratched, dented, smashed, and abused, what to do with skateboard relics that are too damaged to carry their intrepid riders? Rich Moorhead appreciated the dense 7-ply laminated maple, the graffiti inspired graphics, and turned up tails. Where others saw broken sports equipment destined for landfill he saw … Read More