The Lyrical Fusions of Paola Orsoni

JoAnn LocktovTileista

Italian artist Paola Orsoni

Paola Orsoni at work in her studio. Italian artist Paola Orsoni creates lyrical fusions of terracotta, glass, and metal. She has harnessed the disruptive process of hot and cold to cajole the marriage of unlike materials into vibrant splashes of radiant color and dynamic texture. “Dripping” tile. Created entirely by hand in her Milan studio, each terracotta tile is first … Read More

Ellen Blakeley of Ellen Blakeley Studio

Carmen NatschkeInside Design


Many of us walk by shattered glass strewn across sidewalks without giving the glass shards a second thought – other than swerving to avoid stepping on them. California based mosaic artist and principal of Ellen Blakeley Studio, Ellen Blakeley, on the other hand, sees a pool of glistening, broken glass as an artistic inspiration. Meredith (Glass Mosaic & Wood Sculpture) … Read More

Hugo Franca – R 20th Century Gallery

Carmen NatschkeArtful Consideration

R 20th Century HUGO FRANCA

One of my favorite artists/designers/visionaries, Hugo Franca, has a few beautiful pieces at R 20th Century gallery. I’ve picked some of my favorites from the exhibit to share.   "Phenyo" coffee table in pequi wood. Designed and made by Hugo Franca, Brazil, 2010. 59" W x 17" H x 39.5" D "Zanta" bench in pequi wood. Designed and made by … Read More

Tile As Textile

JoAnn LocktovTileista


The Tale of  Two Tile Makers Luigi Priante and Jorge Simes create individual works of art, each tile a hand crafted innovative expression of design. They explore the essential properties of leather and glass, and expand both with their own elegant interpretations. By manipulating their materials and applying an uncommon aesthetic, their tiles retain the functional properties of traditional material … Read More