Fresh,Modern Holiday Decor: Aqua, Turquoise & Coral Color Scheme

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Twist on Holiday Color Tradition: Aqua, Turqouise, White  and Gold Christmas Decor for the Home. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Christmas holiday color and style moodboard inspired by Ayana Design’s Coral and Turquoise drop earrings.  Home Decor Resources: Coral frosted glass goblets at One Rusty Nail (Etsy); Anna’s Palette Aqua Green dinnerware by Anna Weatherley at Michael C. Fina; Floral Impressions Aqua III picture from Chelsea House; Charm Chair in Nanjing Coral from CR Laine; Classic Gilt Banded table lamp … Read More

Chez Josephine: A study in Sultry, Exotic Dining Room Design

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Decorating Ideas: Sultry dining design at New York's Chez Josephine | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Room Decor & Color Inspiration: Chez Josephine, New York City Chez Josephine, located in New York City’s magnificent theater row, is renowned for its vibrant, warm and inviting atmosphere, lively music, and its delicious French bistro style cuisine. Its decor also captures the swinging, festive and jazzy mood of 1930s’ Paris. Decorated with rich reds, deep blues, golds, striking greens, … Read More

Love Lost, Love Found: An Objet d’Art’s Powerful Sentimental Value

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my boat

What Inspires Me:  “In my home I have a boat. It was made by an artist named Cathy Rose. The boat signifies everything I can love in an object. It was crafted by hand. It contains the spirit of the human heart. My solace is water and the boat symbolizes adventure. In very tiny letters, embossed on the boat it … Read More

Bella Vista Tile: Material Alchemy

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Cascade Dream 34_x17_

  “Cascade Dream”. Lisa TeviaClark has immersed herself in the material language of her medium. For the past thirty years she has experimented with clay and the alchemy of heat, salt, ash, minerals, and glazes. With her husband James Clark, she established Bella Vista Tile in 2003, as both a limited production studio and a laboratory. Her careful study of … Read More

The Soul-stirring, Mesmerizing Art of Ann Marshall

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I attend many art shows, meet with a wonderful selection of talented artists, and have an inbox overflowing with requests by artists and artisans for review of their work. From all those exposures, some truly artistic gems surface that capture my heart, soul and imagination. Ann Marshall is one of those creative finds whose artwork holds a powerful grip on … Read More