Living in Style London: Book Review

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Book cover Living in Style London

Living in Style London, published by teNeues, takes the reader on a private tour of 20 of London’s most glamorous, luxurious and beautiful private homes. Each home decorated in a unique style that captures the life and personality of the homes’ owners. While each of the twenty homes showcased in the book are exquisite in design, they also share three … Read More

Shabby Chic Still Chic – The Bedroom Design Sketchbook

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Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic White Bedding Collection

Rachel Ashwell made Shabby Chic famous and in the years after she introduced the world to flea market finery there has been barely a slow down. Design styles do fade and go away with time – remember the French Country craze from three years ago. Toile was every where and frankly it started to feel overdone. Inexplicably, shabby chic or … Read More