Designer Olga Adler’s Delish Holiday Recipe: Mini Lemon Potato Latkes with Ginger/Avocado Creme

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Blue and Green_1

This dramatic, and colorful blue and green kitchen designed by Olga was featured in the Kitchen Idea Book. Mini Lemon Potato Latkes with Ginger/Avocado Creme Recipe Makes 50 mini latkes Ingredients for Latkes 1.5 lb potatoes 1 medium onion, finely chopped grated zest of 1 lemon 2 tsp lemon juice 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp … Read More

4 Design Tips to Brighten Up A Dark Kitchen

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kitchen off-white and dark wood

I’ve found that when clients have a dark kitchen, perhaps because of small windows or because of the low exposure to sunlight, they usually want to go overboard when trying to brighten up their kitchen.  So, I warn clients to consider the entire picture, not to focus only on bright or happy colors, but, to put together a palette of … Read More

10 Big Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodels & Designs

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Big Design Ideas for a Small Kitchen Small kitchens can be quite the design or remodeling challenge, but with just a few kitchen design ideas such as those that I’ve outlined below you can visually and physically open up your small-sized kitchen to make it seem larger while at the same time optimizing your kitchen layout and cabinet storage space. … Read More

Kitchen Island – How You Can Have One Too

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Large,airy, open kitchen design | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Kitchen islands are standard fare in new homes. However homeowners such as myself who live in homes that are 20, 30, 40 or more years old are left with kitchen island envy. When we moved into our home ten years ago we knew that quite a bit of remodeling would have to be done to take our home out of … Read More

Kitchen Island Design & Plans

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Kitchen Island Design & Plans Kitchen island design is an integral part of the overall kitchen design.  When drafting kitchen island plans, it is important to consider the many available kitchen island designs, options, and accessories. Islands are great in large kitchens because they help with traffic flow, lessen the size of the work triangle, and provide more countertop/storage space.  … Read More

Clever Design Transforms a Trouble Space into a Spacious Contemporary Kitchen

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Contemporary kitchen by Jennifer Gilmer

Having designed thousands of kitchens has given award winning kitchen designer Jennifer Gilmer the insight and experience to tackle even the most daunting of kitchen design projects. Jennifer describes the design challenges and the solutions she and her design team used to create an amazing kitchen from what had previously been an awkward space (after photo shown below). Jennifer Gilmer: … Read More

Georgetown Kitchen Design Remodel by Jennifer Gilmer

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Georgetown Kitchen designed by Jennifer Glimer

According to Jennifer Gilmer, award winning kitchen designer and principal of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath in Chevy Chase, Maryland, “designing a kitchen [in Georgetown] can be a challenge due to a lack of space or poor original overall floor plans.”  A quick look at the redesigned kitchen (photos below) one can see that Jennifer was up to the design … Read More

Contemporary, Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design by Jennifer Gilmer

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Jennifer Gilmer green design kitchen

Jennifer Gilmer, renowned kitchen designer and 2009 National Kitchen and Bath design winner, designed the stunning, Zen-like 276 square foot Bethesda, Maryland contemporary styled,eco-friendly kitchen pictured above.  Jennifer’s kitchen “Green” design focused on the usage of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials ranging from the custom mixed stain to the cabinetry.  The Columbia Forest Products’ PureBond hardwood plywood used in this … Read More