Johnny Grey’s 26 Christmas Entertaining & Decorating Tips

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FC kitchen dresser dec 2009

Warm, charming and inviting kitchen designed by acclaimed kitchen designer Johnny Grey. 12 Holiday Decor Tips Create a portable cooking station. Buy a low-height, compact camping gas ring that sits on any surface. This creates an instant cooking space. Most hardware stores stock them for the price of a take-away meal. If you don’t have a hutch or dresser, create … Read More

Designer Cheryl Clendenon’s Guilt-Free Holiday Treat: Low-Fat Key Lime Bars

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 Beautiful, traditional styled kitchen in rich,warm-toned woods designed by Cheryl Clendenon. Award-winning kitchen and bath designer, Cheryl Clendenon, is always on the go whether working on various design projects or attending industry shows. The last time I caught up with her was in Chicago at the National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show – and from there she was off to … Read More

Designer Kelly Morisseau’s Yummy & Nutty Holiday Butter Tarts Recipe

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Kelly M Contemporary

 Contemporary kitchen design by Kelly Morrisseau at Cupertino Kitchen Design.   Kelly Morisseau, kitchen and bath designer, and editor of the witty and informative Kitchen Sync blog, shares her favorite holiday pastry recipe for making what is sure to be a decadent, buttery and delicious holiday treat – makes us wish every day was a holiday. Butter Tarts Recipe (Requires … Read More

Brizo Faucets: Inspired Distinctive Design

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For being a relatively young brand, Brizo, has already left an indelible mark in the highly competitive world of luxury kitchen and bath design. Their kitchen and bath faucets are distinctive, innovative and stylish. Equally striking are Brizo’s advertising campaigns (image above: Brizo ad campaign launched April 2010; image below: Brizo ad campaign 2009). The advertising campaigns were born of … Read More

Kitchen Designer Sarah Lloyd’s Citrusy Holiday Desert Recipe

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Craftswoman Style

  Craftswoman inspired and styled kitchen design by Sarah Lloyd. When we asked our favorite kitchen designers to submit a photo of their most beloved kitchen design project along with a cherished holiday recipe, we knew that Sarah would submit something as cheery, and fun as her personality. And she didn’t disappoint, Sarah tells us, “my recipe is for a … Read More

Designer Jill Seidner’s Favorite Holiday Champagne Cocktail Recipe

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Kitchen design by Jill Seidner Interior Design. Los Angeles based interior designer and contributing writer to the popular design blog, “Material Girls Blog”, Jill Seidner shares her favorite holiday beverage drink recipe –Champagne and Pomegranate Cocktail- along with photos of one of her favorite kitchen design projects from her design portfolio (pictured above). About Jill Seidner Jill Seidner is a … Read More

Designer Joanne Fitzgerald’s Fresh & Fun Approach to Holiday Decorating

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Holiday decorating is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season for me. It gives us an opportunity to refresh our homes with light, sparkle and scent. It can be approached as a family or community event and doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. My favorite holiday decorating is really very simple. For me, bringing … Read More

Designer Olga Adler’s Delish Holiday Recipe: Mini Lemon Potato Latkes with Ginger/Avocado Creme

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Blue and Green_1

This dramatic, and colorful blue and green kitchen designed by Olga was featured in the Kitchen Idea Book. Mini Lemon Potato Latkes with Ginger/Avocado Creme Recipe Makes 50 mini latkes Ingredients for Latkes 1.5 lb potatoes 1 medium onion, finely chopped grated zest of 1 lemon 2 tsp lemon juice 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp … Read More

Jennifer Gilmer Style Maker Look Book & Designer Case Study: Award Winning Kitchen Design

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Jennifer Gilmer’s Designer Notes This kitchen design project is situated on the Atlantic coast, and, the house was built by the top real estate agent in that area. It was very important that her house has all of the features that her clients are looking for when they want to purchase their beach house. She wanted to have open spaces … Read More

4 Design Tips to Brighten Up A Dark Kitchen

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kitchen off-white and dark wood

I’ve found that when clients have a dark kitchen, perhaps because of small windows or because of the low exposure to sunlight, they usually want to go overboard when trying to brighten up their kitchen.  So, I warn clients to consider the entire picture, not to focus only on bright or happy colors, but, to put together a palette of … Read More

10 Big Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodels & Designs

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Big Design Ideas for a Small Kitchen Small kitchens can be quite the design or remodeling challenge, but with just a few kitchen design ideas such as those that I’ve outlined below you can visually and physically open up your small-sized kitchen to make it seem larger while at the same time optimizing your kitchen layout and cabinet storage space. … Read More

Kitchen Island – How You Can Have One Too

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Kitchen islands are standard fare in new homes. However homeowners such as myself who live in homes that are 20, 30, 40 or more years old are left with kitchen island envy. When we moved into our home ten years ago we knew that quite a bit of remodeling would have to be done to take our home out of … Read More