Tertiary Colors: Exploring the Color Wheel with Tile

tertiary color wheel illustrated with tile and mosaics  The tertiary color wheel illustrated with tile and mosaics.

Color Complexities: Mixing any one of the three basic colors in the Primary Color Wheel (red, yellow and blue), with any one of the colors created in the Secondary Color Wheel (violet, orange, green) yields six completely new colors:

  • Red-Violet = red + violet
  • Blue-Violet = blue+violet
  • Blue-Green = blue+ green
  • Yellow-Green = yellow + green
  • Yellow-Orange = yellow + orange
  • Red-Orange = red + orange


Bella Glass Tiles Orange Burst at My Tile BackSplash.


Porcelanosa Multicolor Naranja.


Dark Blue-Violet Terrazzo Tile at Heritage Glass, Inc.


Cielo Collection FAP Ceramiche.


Bonnie Jewel glass mosaic field shown in Citrine, Peridot and Aventurine by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna Mosaics.

cle¦ü -Il Monile - Byzantina Rectangles Mosaics - Sea Seascape -300

Byzantina Mosaics and Rectangle in Sea and Seascape ceramic by Il Monile for Clé.

Tiles from Primary Color Wheel


Primary Color Wheel: Red, Yellow and Blue.

image[21] image[14][1][3] image[16][1][3]

Hexagon Mosaic Cobalt Blue Tile – Classic Tile & Marble.

Mesh Mounted Mamounia Tiles in Bright Red – Tierra y Fuego.

Trend Q Yellow Tile – Trend USA.

Tiles from Secondary Color Wheel


Secondary Color Wheel: Violet, Orange and Green.


Violet Oyster Crackle Squares Shell Tile 2 image[3][1] image[17][1]
Violet Oyster Crackle Squares Shell Tile at Agape Tile. Vetricolor Glass Mosaic in Green by Bisazza. Orange Gyro Tiles by Lubna Chowdhary.
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