The Residence Zanzibar: An Island Oasis

Internationally acclaimed architectural firm HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates’ objective for the Residence Zanzibar hospitality project was to create a design that seamlessly integrated the many cultural influences (Swahili, Omani, British and Indian ) evident throughout Zanzibar’s history into a serene and exotically, romantic oasis retreat.   David T’Kint and Hazlin Ahmad, of HBA Associates, “found Zanzibar to be a great resource for inspiration”. The HBA team obtained many of the beautiful historically and culturally significant decor, furnishings and artifacts used for the interiors of the Residence Zanzibar villas from local markets and shops.Residence Zanzibar - Room (3)

Honey-toned woods, crisp and welcoming white linens and extraordinary views welcome visitors to this serene bedroom suite. The bedroom design is a balanced mix of styles: English four-poster bed, carved Indian night stands, and decor obtained from the local community. The warm golden tones of the color palette beautifully unifies the eclectic style mix. A common color and tone scheme (whites, beige, honey and sand) illustrates that disparate styles and furniture designs from various eras can co-exist if they share a common design element such as hue and color temperature.

Residence Zanzibar - Room

Relaxing bath design invites tranquility and the view is awe-inspiring. The bathroom design though modern and minimalistic in style incorporates traditional decor elements from Africa and the Middle East: simplified Swahili patterns integrated into the custom designed vanity counter and the Omani motifs on the wall sconces.

Residence Zanzibar - Room

Each villa at the Residence Zanzibar has a private outdoor room with swimming pool. The natural tones of the outdoor decor blend organically with the color of surrounding nature creating a design atmosphere that the guest is truly inhabiting their very own private island oasis.

More Information: designed by HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates