The Soul-stirring, Mesmerizing Art of Ann Marshall

Ann Marshall's mixed media art collage titled "Olivia". Haunting. Beautiful. Red. | The Decorating Diva, LLC

Olivia: If every piece could be as easy as Olivia was…I had just finished a project I really labored over (which frankly wasn’t so great) and Olivia was to be what I refer to as a “palette cleanser” piece –that is something quick just to do something quick to clear my head. I drew a picture of a curious little girl (she is no one in particular) and combined it with some great poppy patterned tissue paper I had bought months before, and the entire piece just popped immediately. Its one of the most popular things I’ve ever made.

About Ann Marshall

Ann Marshall modern art,  mixed media artist. | The Decorating Diva, LLCOne can say that art was a passion for Ann since early childhood. She tells us, “I have been drawing as long as I can remember. As a child, my artistic inspiration came mostly from cartoons and animation, and I used to get up early on Saturday mornings, fix myself a bowl of Life cereal, and settle down to hours of cartoons with my tool box full of crayons and black felt tip pen”.

After art school, Ann illustrated children’s books for a bit until coming to the conclusion that illustrating children’s books wasn’t a good fit. She wanted to pursue another artistic direction, and started building her portfolio, while at the same time maintaining a pragmatic view on how she was to fund her artistic dreams, Ann explains, “ I had a very tiny apartment and lived modestly. Meanwhile, to pay the bills I started traveling around the country (and sometimes outside) for a consumer research firm conducting on site studies of retail environments. This experience was invaluable, not so much for the exposure to consumer America (I grew disenchanted with that world), but because of the extensive travel to all parts of our country–good and bad.”  Ann has invaluable advice for artists of all ages, and one that may also apply to all career fields- definitely a resource to be bookmarked and referred to often.

As her portfolio grew, so did a following for her work, “I began to exhibit here and there and take on commissioned projects. I eventually had a small show at the Gallery at Lincoln Center ” she shares.  Her experience at the Lincoln Center exhibit proved pivotal, as Ann confides ”[the] experience proved so professionally rewarding, I felt like I had finally found my calling.”

Ann goes on to say, “with my current work, I try to combine contemporary and traditional means of working to produce work that is both compelling and relevant to the viewer. Otherwise, I live modestly with my boyfriend and our two cats and make art, ride my bike, and enjoy everything my beautiful city has to offer.”

Ann will have her artwork on exhibit (part of a group exhibition) at the London Miles Gallery from November 12th to December 6th 2010- details below:

Exhibition Title: The Idol Hours

Westborne Studios
242 Acklam Road, Studio 303
W10 5JJ U.K.
(44) 020 317 08618


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