Urban Oasis Table Setting

Carmen NatschkeEntertaining

Pink Moroccan Oasis | TheDecoratingDiva.com

Pink Moroccan Oasis | TheDecoratingDiva.comRauber & Rauber Interiors for New York Times’ Table Setting (DIFFA Dining by Design 2011).

Table Setting Design Ingredients for romantic, Middle Eastern inspired dinner party theme:

  • Furniture: Brass table and hammered brass stools. Tent dressed in flowing, sheer drapes. Custom designed ornate light pendant.
  • Dinnerware: Richly patterned dinner plates in exotic earthen reds, golds and blood-orange.
  • Color Palette: Silver, sun-bleached whites, aqua and satiny, deep marine blues.
  • Patterns: Arabian infused ornamentations.
  • Finishes: Soft sheens.