Torri Lana‘s history of producing the highest quality merino wool fabrics spans over 130 years from its founding in 1885 to our modern day. This renowned textile weaver was first widely known for the wool fabrics they provide to prestigious fashion brands. Torri Lana added upholstery grade textiles to their offerings in the 1980s and expanded the natural fibers from wool to also include cotton, viscose and linen. Today, you can find their upholstery textiles on furniture and soft decorative home furnishings.

At the 2018 Proposte Fair  in Como Italy, Torri Lana showcased their 2019 fabric collection. In addition to magnificent (and amazingly comfortable) wool textiles, they also offered a hemp textile collection in an array of bold colors and geometric shaped patterns. You can see their gorgeous fabrics in the photo tour of their showroom shown below.