The iconic Italian fashion design house and luxury interior decor company Missoni once again delivered a spectacular experiential event with its 2019 textile and home decor collection debut at Salone del Mobile.

With a nod to nature, MissoniHome introduced several colorful and textural scenographic collections. Among them “Panorama” inspired by water-colored landscapes, and “Alps” a visual and tactile camouflage in homage to Earth’s magical forests. Along with these, Missioni’s new lighting collection the ethereal “Bubble Knit” beckoned one to look up and revel in the floating beauty above. Mixed in with the 2019 debut collection, was the previously released whimsical Chinese “Horoscope” collection – seen on art, furniture and textiles.

My favorite finds at the MissoniHome design space at Salone del Mobile are shown below. MissioniHome 2019 collections – from top left to bottom right: “Panorama” , “Alps” and “Horoscope”.