I love the textile arts and was instantly drawn to the magnificent work of London-based product and material designer Fernando Laposse in collaboration with fiber artist Angela Dammam at Design Miami.

Laposse’s design installation of “Pink Beasts” showcases the beauty of the handmade using only bio-materials like sisal fibers from the agave plant and a vibrant red dye produced by the cochineal insect to create animated textile sculptures of impish pink sloths bouncing along hanging ropes and frolicking behind an inviting fuchsia hammock with ground grazing fringe.

Laposse’s design projects and products highlight the transformation of modest materials, that are often discarded in the production process, into sublime, sophisticated creations that are transformative in nature. The Mexican-born Laposse’s focus on sustainability and thoughtful consideration of material sourcing including the culture and history of the materials’ originating location all form the foundation of his design philosophy. The objects that result from this process are rich with meaning and form a narrative carrying an important message:

Fernando’s work is preoccupied with sustainability, the loss of biodiversity, community disenfranchisement and the politics of food. In his projects, the final pieces are often accompanied by an element of informative narration about the historical context of the material that they are made of and its contemporary complications. He does so by documenting the problematics and announcing possible resolutions through the transformative power of design.

Website: Fernando LaPosse