Their luxurious silks have adorned the magnificent palaces of the Sun King, Catherine the Great, Napoleon and the homes of aristocrats and nobility. Presidents’ and world leaders’ offices and homes (including the White House) have been dressed in upholstered furniture and window drapery created from their artisanal silks. The elite of the world delight in homes attired in their haute couture decorative textiles.

Since 1680, 10 generations and five separate family lines (Pernon, Grand, Tassinari, Chatel and Lelievre)  the storied French luxury silk weaver Tassinari and Chatel has manufactured refined silken textiles rooted in a rich history of artisanal craftsmanship (their design and pattern archives number in the thousands, and date back nearly four centuries) that is thoughtfully married to innovation.

Exquisite and elegant drapery and upholstery textiles at the Tassinari and Chatel showroom at the 2018 Proposte Fair are shown below.

Tassinari and Chatel Showroom Tour