This spring, 2020 color trends indicate a blue mood. Blue dominated the luxury linen collections at the international luxury textile fair Proposte. From denim-inspired blues to electric blues to icy blues, the use of this tried and true classic hue ran the gamut.

2020 Color Trends Go Blue

Below are a few of my favorite fabric finds paired with their corresponding blue paint swatches illustrating the popular blue color stories seen at the Proposte Fair.

The blue color palette boards translate the trendy blues into color swatches that will inspire you to bring that blue mood home and decorate your rooms with the latest color trends.

Denim blue color stories, from acid-washed blues to vintage ink blues, paid homage to the timeless fashion classic – the blue jean. Upholstery fabric from Turkish textile mill Penelope dresses this square ottoman.
Belgian textile producer Muvantex introduced a spectrum of upholstery and furnishing fabrics in arctic inspired silvery blue and gray-blue colors at Proposte.
Clerici Tessuto, a favorite of the Decorating Diva since first being introduced to their fabrics at the 2018 Proposte Fair – once again makes an appearance on our favorite finds list with their 2019 upholstery, drape and furniture fabric collection. This high-voltage, vibrant lapis lazuli inspired color scheme is an attention-getter that we’ve seen in the worlds of fashion and beauty quite a bit this year.