Kitchen design that is beautiful, functional and thoughtful can last through all stages of life. American Standard’s pull-down, touch-less “Beale” kitchen faucet is a perfect example of thoughtful design that offers easy to use features for hands of all ages  – from little hands to aging, arthritis ravaged hands and everything in between.

Stainless steel kitchen faucet from American Standard
Artfully stunning, architecture inspired profile of American Standard’s Beale stainless steel kitchen faucet.

When my parents were looking to update some features in their kitchen, I suggested installing the sculptural “Beale” faucet to replace their faucet. Both my parents have varying limitations with mobility in their hands and as they continue to age, I felt that their faucet would be more and more challenging to use. So, the decision was made to install the Beale in their kitchen.

My plan was to have a plumber install the “Beale “since I had never installed a faucet (or worked with plumbing) before, but after reading the instructions and feeling courageously DIY – I decided to give it a try. I figured I could always call the plumber if things went awry.

Styled contemporary kitchen design with art deco inspired faucet
Beautiful design can be functional and thoughtful too!

Surprisingly, I had a devil of a time removing the old faucet and that took most the time – feeling a bit defeated, I was extremely close to calling the plumber. But after one last effort the old faucet was finally uninstalled.   Installing the “Beale” faucet was easy and took me less than 45 minutes to install (and that was mostly due to the very tight space I was working in). The instructions were flawless and the product design so well considered that putting it all together was a delight. And then there was the glowing aura of confidence that radiated from within me, after successfully doing something I had never done before.
Beale faucet in action.

Once installed, my mother loved the sophisticated, contemporary profile of the “Beale” faucet and was ecstatic at the ease of use. With a slight wave of her hand, over the faucet top, the water streamed at full force. Another wave, and the stream of water ceased to flow. The pull-down sprayer effortlessly rained water into the sink. She mentioned how natural the hand motion felt while holding the sprayer and alternating the water stream with a soft touch of the sprayer button. She and my father appreciated the option to switch the faucet to manual if they chose to use it in that setting. The faucet handle is very easy to use with a only a subtle tilting action to move from cold to hot and from a gentle rain shower steam to a forceful dirt busting stream.

Details Beale Kitchen Faucet
Adding sleek and sophisticated beauty to the kitchen space.

The genius  and innovative ergonomic design of American Standard’s “Beale” faucet coupled with its striking architectural styling truly is thoughtful design in action.

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