Artist Andy Burgess masterfully showcases the beauty and elegance of Modernist and Mid 20th Century architecture through his kaleidoscopic and sharply geometric houses set against soft, organic backgrounds that highlight the striking juxtaposition of the manufactured against that designed by nature.

You wouldn’t be mistaken if you notice that Burgess’ paintings and mixed media art renderings are slightly reminiscent of the highly variegated Mid-Century homes and crystalline pool paintings by David Hockney. Burgess states that he was inspired by Hockney and some in the art world are heralding Burgess as the next Hockney.

Burgess’ paintings of these homes transport viewers to an era of glamorous fashion, dreamy idealism, swanky cocktail parties and the effortless elegance associated with this enduring, though not prolific, architectural style. The lack of widespread adoption of the modernist architectural style is one reason Burgess feels compelled to capture and highlight in prismatic art form these modern beauties:

Despite the huge impact of early modern architecture, the innovative and subtle minimalist buildings that I am researching, with their concrete and steel frames, flat roofs and glass walls, never became the dominant mode of twentieth century building. We have continued to build the vast majority of houses in a traditional and conservative idiom, so that these great examples of modern architecture, designed by the likes of Gropius, Loos and Breuer to name but a few, are still shocking and surprising today in their boldness and modernity, almost a hundred years after they were built. (

Arizona Public Media documented Burgess’ temporary exhibition at the Tucson Museum of Art titled “Mid-Century Perspectives: The Paintings of Andy Burgess” and in that video profile Burgess reflects on his artistic process, how he found himself in an artistic rut, when he pivoted to painting Modernist style architecture and why living in Arizona has deeply influenced his artwork.

Below is a selection of Andy Burgess’ paintings that were on show at the Cynthia Corbett Gallery booth at the 2019 Art Miami fair.