Jason Jacques Gallery exhibition of sculptor Kim Simonsson's Moss People at Design Miami 2019. | Decorating Diva Magazine

Sculptor Kim Simonsson | Design Miami

The makings of a sculpture artist were evident during Simonsson’s childhood. While his friends were building the familiar and traditional three-tiered ball-shaped snowman, he was sculpting figures out of snow.

American sculptor Michael Alfano's player played questioning mind sculpture at Spectrum Miami. | Decorating Diva Magazine

Sculptor Michael Alfano | Spectrum Miami

Sculptor Michael Alfano’s contemporary sculptures convey evocative and transformative philosophical truths. Influenced by art greats including Surrealist artist Salvador Dali, Alfano’s dynamic sculptural artwork captures the imagination and encourages the viewer to look beyond the superficial and seek deeper meaning.

JC Trouboul Spectrum Art Miami 2019 | Decorating Diva Magazine

JC Trouboul – Figurative Painter | Spectrum Miami

JC Trouboul embodies the transformative power of art to heal the body and soul. While battling a devastating illness he taught himself the art of figurative painting and thus begun his journey from architect to acclaimed painter exhibiting at Spectrum Miami art fair.

Detail of painting by artist Jacob Hicks.

Hyper-realistic artist Jacob Hicks – Art Miami 2019

Contemporary artist Jacob Hicks takes historical depictions of female portraiture subjects and modernizes them in a hyper-realistic fashion as modern-day icons wrapped in fantastic costumes radiating auras of strength and defiance against sexism.

Artist D8's "Birth of Venus Love” spray paint and collage artwork at George Billis Gallery | Decorating Diva Magazine

George Billis Gallery – Red Dot Art 2019

Pop and contemporary art including girl power affirming paintings by the pseudonymous artist D8 graced the walls of George Billis Gallery's booth at the 2019 Red Dot art fair in Miami's celebrated Wynwoods arts district.

andy burgess art miami 2019 2

Andy Burgess – Art Miami 2019

Andy Burgess’ paintings of Modernist and Mid-20th Century homes transport viewers to an era of glamorous fashion, dreamy idealism, swanky cocktail parties and the effortless elegance associated with this enduring, though not prolific, architectural style.

Billie Holiday painting by David Hollier at Scope Art Miami Beach 2019 | Decorating Diva Magazine

David Hollier – Scope Art 2019

Words take shape in a mesmerizing art exhibit by artist David Hollier. Famous words and their speakers are rendered by Hollier in varied artistic mediums from paint and collage to typewriter key and ink form.

Dana Lowenstein Gallery P1120736 2

Diana Lowenstein Gallery | Art Miami

EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS “Tree IV (Sao Series)” by Xawery Wolski. 2016. Bronze sculpture. Dimensions 50 x 44 x 2 1/2 inches. “Tzalan Celeste” by Xawery Wolski. 2017. Executed in terracotta.  Dimensions: 74 3/4 x 51 1/8...

Art Angels Gallery P1130707 2

Art Angels Gallery

SCOPE Miami Beach had a plethora of evocative, intriguing, confrontational artworks to interest a myriad of art collectors. For me, it was about fashion and beauty interpreted through the artist’s lens. So...