Looking back is often the best method to truly finding beauty. Giving the heart and mind time to settle after exposure to the extraordinary works of art or design on show at dozens of fairs, allows for the effects of being overwhelmed to settle. And then clarity rises – giving birth to a fresh perspective and, at least for me, a critical questioning of what is beauty. It’s easy to be overcome by popular opinion and the intense buzz surrounding some artwork that reverberates through art and design fairs, and agree to beauty or genius. So I’ve trained myself to take a step back and honestly evaluate the pieces I came across during my art fair travels.

Below are my favorite discoveries for various reasons ranging from work that is truly evocative, honest and innovative in technique. I hope you enjoy my selections.

Details “Sophia Loren” by artist Maria Laura at Sandra Neustader Gallery. Mixed media with diamond dust.

Bold. Vibrant.Beautiful. Lekha Singh at Trotta Bono Contemporary art gallery.

Up close look at John Lennon portrait rendered with individual computer keyboard keys by mosaic artist Doug Powell at Guarisco Gallery.

Spherical and half-spherical sculpture by Martin C. Herbst at Anthony Brunelli Art gallery.

Everything in this exhibition gallery won my heart. Ransom Art Gallery created a evocative art experience that elevated their space from exhibition to museum hall. Simply exquisite in every detail.