Self-taught painter Joan Carlos (JC) Trouboul entered the world of figurative painting to escape the sadness, frustration, and pain he experienced during a one-year period of on and off again hospitalizations.

JC Trouboul’s Journey from Architect to Painter

The Barcelona native was hospitalized at various times between 2013 and 2014 as a result of an autoimmune disease that left him with body paralysis and other debilitating health issues. As he painted, the former architect noticed that his symptoms lessened and he felt lifted from the darkness that once surrounded him emotionally.

Trouboul continued painting and nurturing his innate talent as a figurative portraitist and in 2015 his first art exhibition “Heroes” was shown during Miami Art Week.

Of his “Heroes” paintings, Trouboul explains that the ” collection, narrates the stories of the brave people he met while battling his illness, the people who surrounded him.”

On the heels of Trouboul’s successful exhibition, he made his way to New York City to attend the illustrious New York Academy of Arts where he soon learned that, “art schools were not made for him.” With that realization, he decided to return to his roots and hone his figurative painting skills based on his natural, instinctive artistic talent.

In the years following his first art exhibition, JC Trouboul has found triumphant success in the art world. His paintings have been shown at venues in the worlds’ most prestigious art epicenters including New York City, London, Venice, and Miami.

Trouboul Exhibits at Spectrum Miami

At the 2019 edition of the Spectrum Miami art fair, JC Trouboul exhibited his most recent collection of paintings in his solo exhibition titled “Stories of Our Time. Fairy Tales for Adults Part I & II.”

Trouboul’s paintings in the “Stories of Our Time…” collection are bewitching in nature. They have a haunting quality that stays with you long after the painting has been viewed. Trouboul’s artistry seems to transcend time and place while communicating universal truths. In a way, his work reminds me of the artistic brilliance of Salvador Dali.

JC Trouboul’s paintings beckon the viewer to question what is real. In his oil painting “I Woke Up Like This,” he takes on social media and how that medium of communication and connection has changed the way society acts. Trouboul shares the story behind that painting:

Social media has changed the way we are and created new societal behaviours. In this painting, we can see a woman in a red sofa. Is she the sleeping beauty who just woke up with her breast out? Or is she pretending that she was sleeping and just woke up like that?

JC Trouboul

Trouboul’s “Duty and the Breast” is a re-imagining of Van Eyck’s love story painting with a modern twist. According to the artist, this young couple in love face daunting challenges:

He is a veteran soldier who lost his leg, and she lost her breast to cancer. Beauty and the beast. Diplomacy vs War, Health vs modern industry and Love vs Pain. The perspective ends in a white wall symbolizing peace, with a mirror that could seem to be the reflection of the painter and the couple, but in reality, is the reflection of the viewers.

JC Trouboul

Trouboul Online

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